Troubleshooting - Ads/License, Permalinks, Forums

In case some of you are noticing, I am trying to cut down on alot of the same questions here at Unity. I have decided to assist in creating some common issues that I continue to see over and over again. Below are some of the common issues and resolutions described in the subject:

Problem: I have a ad-free license, but the Boonex ads are still showing.


- Login to your Admin Panel and navigate to Settings>Advanced Settings> Variables. Remove your current license key, and click save. Logout of your site completely. Navigate to your admin area like and login. You should be prompted to enter your license key. Enter it and click submit.

- If you were currently running your site with a "free" key, you may need to remove that key before attempting the steps mention above. You can do that here at Unity. Click Account, My Licenses, and click remove on the old key.

- If you have changed your domain, you can Click Account, My Licenses, and click RESET. Then follow the first procedure.

Problem: When I click a person profile, blogs, forum, etc. I get a page cannot be displayed (error 404)


- First try re-uploading the .htaccess file from the current download installation package of Dolphin and replace it with the one in your installation's root directory (ex. /public_html  if installed on the root of your server).

- Make sure that RewriteEngine is ON

- If installed in a sub-folder, you MAY need to add RewriteBase / right under the code that says RewriteEngine On located in your root directory .htaccess file.

-In many cases this helps too - adding

RewriteBase /


RewriteBase /path-to-dolphin/

if dolphin is installed in subdir, like

the same thing may help for orca .htaccess file, but with path to forum.

Problem: When I go to my Forum, I get a blank page with no error OR the language will not compile properly.


- Normally this happens with custom templates. Try switching it to the default Uni template and see if it works. Try to Compile Language:en also. If so, see next step

- Navigate via FTP or cPanel to /modules/boonex/forum/layout/ You should see a uni and uni_en folder there. Make a copy of the uni folder and name it the same name as your current template (ex. skin002). From Admin Panel, click Modules>Orca Forum and then click the Compile Language:en located in the top right of the forum box.

- You may need to copy the BxTemplIndexPageView.php from the /templates/tmpl_uni/scripts directory and add it to your /templates/tmpl_???/scripts directory.

-Orca uses dolphin header/footer and if there is some error in header/footer - orca will not work.

Blank screen in most cases is because of XML error. To see if it is XML error or not you need to add ?debug=1 to the end of orca url and open it in Firefox browser - Firefox has build-in XML validator and it shows any XML errors. Most common error when some copy/paste js code is inserted in dolphin header or footer with CDATA section, the solution in this case is to remove <![CDATA[ and ]]> from this javascript copy/paste code. Don't forget to clean cache after removing CDATA from dolphin header/footer

Problem: My RSS Feeds or Forum Spy just shows a spinning circle


- Most common resolution is that you or your host does NOT have allow_url_fopen enabled in PHP.

- If you have permissions to override your server PHP configuration, you can create a php.ini file in notepad with the following code:

allow_url_fopen= On

- Upload the php.ini file to the root directory of your dolphin install. If one already exists, you can add this code to it instead.

- In some rare cases, I have seen that you may need to add this php.ini file with this code into the /modules/boonex/forum directory also.

-If allow_url_fopen is enabled, but RSS feed is still continuously spinning, then it maybe a firewall. Many server deny outgoing server requests at all (to prevent spammers send out mails from your server in a case of hacked server) ... or deny outgoing requests to the same server (to prevent never-end apache loops).

In this case the solution is to ask your hosting support to change server firewall settings for you.

** Always remember to clear your /cache (except for .htaccess) and /cache_public folders when making changes.


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19 Jan 2010
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