Type PDOException Debug backtrace

Hello, I hope you are all healthy.

I've been using Dolphin 7.4.2 for a few days now.

The following error message:

Since I am not programming, I find it difficult to locate the error.

Ask for your understandable help.

Best regards and health for you

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Quote · 30 Mar 2020


Thanx, hope you are well too. About your error - need to see the latest messages about it to your bug report email.

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Hallo Leonid, danke mir geht es gut. Bin in Thailand in einer kleinen Stadt im Nordosten Thailands. Ich habe keinen Covid-19.


Hier ist alles in Ordnung.


Ich habe den E-Mail-Inhalt als Anhang gesendet.


Aber hier ist nochmal die E-Mail:




Eine nicht erfasste Ausnahme wurde in https://my-page.com/ ausgelöst.




Typ: PDOException




Nachricht: SQLSTATE [42S02]: Basistabelle oder Ansicht nicht gefunden: 1146 Tabelle '781yxmy.bx_wall_voting_track' existiert nicht




Datei: /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolDb.php




Zeile: 169






# 0 /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(169): PDO-> Abfrage ('DELETE FROM `bx ...') <br />


# 1 /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(388): BxDolDb-> res ('DELETE FROM `bx ...', Array) <br />


# 2 /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolVoting.php(337): BxDolDb-> Abfrage ('DELETE FROM `bx ...') <br />


# 3 /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolCronCmd.php(110): BxDolVoting-> wartung () <br />


# 4 /var/.../...//inc/classes/BxDolCronCmd.php(298): BxDolCronCmd-> clean_database () <br />


# 5 /var/.../...//periodic/cron.php(117): BxDolCronCmd-> process () <br />


# 6 /var/.../...//periodic/cron.php(133): runJob (Array) <br />


# 7 {main}




Aufsichtes Skript: /var/.../...//periodic/cron.php




Parameter anforderung: 










- Auto-Report-System 

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Quote · 1 Apr 2020

Glad to know that you're fine. So about your error - did you check that bx_wall_voting_track table exists?

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ist in der DB verfügbar

there are two tables that are identical. Is that OK?

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Quote · 1 Apr 2020

In the given screenshot we see the records about these tables. Yes, you may delete one of them. But the question related to bx_wall_voting_track table. You may check if it exists via execution of the following query in your Dolphin database:

SELECT `wall_id`, `wall_ip`, `wall_date` FROM `bx_wall_voting_track

If it would be executed via any troubles - this table is fine.

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SELECT `wall_id`,` wall_ip`, `wall_date` FROM` bx_wall_voting_track`

# 1103 - Illegaler Tebell-Name


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Quote · 2 Apr 2020

Then you need to run the following MySQL query:


CREATE TABLE `bx_wall_voting_track` (

  `wall_id` bigint(8) NOT NULL default '0',

  `wall_ip` varchar(20) default NULL,

  `wall_date` datetime default NULL,

  KEY `wall_ip` (`wall_ip`,`wall_id`)


Quote · 2 Apr 2020

SQL has the table CREATE TABLE `bx_wall_voting_track


Now wait for the error messages to come or not.

Thank you very much


Quote · 3 Apr 2020


Im gegebenen Screenshot sehen wir die Datensätze zu diesen Tabellen. Ja, Sie können einen davon erkennen. Aber die Frage bezog sich auf  die  Tabelle bx_wall_voting_track . Sie können gehört, ob es vorhanden ist, entschädigen Sie das allgemeine Wahlrecht in Ihrer Dolphin-Datenbank-Verwaltung:

SELECT  `wall_id`,  ` wall_ip`,  `wall_date` FROM` bx_wall_voting_track

Wenn es über die Probleme Probleme besteht, werden diese Tabellen in Ordnung.

 Hello Leonid,

the problem is unfortunately not eliminated.

An idea?

Quote · 7 Apr 2020

So what MySQL errors do you have now?

Quote · 8 Apr 2020

always the same mistakes

i will soon have a crisis

Cron jobs therefore do not work either

do you have any idea?

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hope you are well too.

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Geeks, making the world a better place
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As I may see your file contains the requests to the modzzz mods. So you may try to: 1) disable it for checking; 2) ask him maybe he met something already. Just to be sure to exclude this variant.

Quote · 29 Apr 2020

are not just modzzz cron alone

are also Dolphin Cron

why is cron.php always from the end

> / dev / null ?????

changed Dolphin and modzzz cron to table "sys_cron_jobs,

my changes won't

in the / cache /




i can not  uninstalled modules 

are still present in installed modules

They are no longer listed under MODULE.

Is this also a cron problem?

Quote · 30 Apr 2020

i can not  uninstalled modules 

are still present in installed modules

They are no longer listed under MODULE.

This part looks not clear - so if you couldn't uninstall some modules but you see them in installed modules - where? Maybe you need to finish this uninstall process.

Quote · 30 Apr 2020


i will soon have a crisis

Yes you will but since you won't allow anyone to access your server or database then I guess you just need to enjoy the crisis.

Geeks, making the world a better place
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