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Hi, i just downloaded the latest version of Dolphin and Xampp, as i would like to host a very small site on a home pc using Windows Vista, only accessible through wi-fi.

The problem i am having are as follow:

1- Unable to find path to php binary (even after i changed this to C:/xampp/php  and also C:\xampp\php, the red "not found"  error's message it's not changing 

Path to php binary
  not found


2- Then on the next screen, even if i thought i had followed the instruction correctly, i have another error message that tells me that i cannot access the database i just created because it's protected by a password, but i had already inserted the right password and username in the right fields, why this it's happening???


MySQL error: Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)


Thanks in advance....

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Ok i might have fixed the second issue by using the default user "root" instead of the new user i created as suggested on the installation guide...

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I have Xamp with Dolphin 7.2 - the php path should be something like C:/xampp/php. But, I noticed that it did not change the warning notice when I put in the new value - but it did go to next page when clicking next and all works well.

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Make sure open_basedir has no value in the PHP configuration. If that's fine, you may need to simply place it yourself as ProfessorSr said.


For the database issue, it sounds like the user didn't have access to the database, or full access. If this is a local install (and it should be for Xampp), using root is indeed easier.

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Quote · 7 Sep 2015

Yes i had the same experience as Prof mentioned, after i changed manually the location, the red error message it would not change, but when clicking "next" it seems it all went fine.

For the new user for the database, i just changed that to "root" and it worked ok, i am now having a new problem with that Facebook module so i will make a new thread and see how it goes...

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