Users cannot log in, nor can they register.

Hello everybody,

maybe someone can help me find the bug.

Users can no log in, nor can they register.

The following error message from the browser:


Username or password was incorrect. Please try again.

When registering, it is pointed out that registration is not possible due to suspicion of spam.

Server LOG does not report any errors.

This message has been translated into English using Google Translate.

My German is flawless!

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Do you have the newly added fields in the join form? Have all of them the error messages?

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Hi leonid

all users could not register.

I hadn't changed any fields on the membership form.

Now comes the hammer:

had cleared all the site's cache yesterday.

Registrations and registrations are now possible again.

But you have to come up with it first

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This is interesting because I had a site where just one member could not log in; always got the wrong user name or password error.  I looked at everything.  The strange thing was that I switched the user with another one and they could log in but not the switched user.  Changed it back and the user could no longer log in.  I tried changing the password and hash several times.  It had to be something else in that row but what I don't know.  Finally just had the user to create a new account.  I even had a developer to look at it and they could not figure out what was happening either.

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Hi all!


Well, the case from may mean that some cache file has been generated with the error in syntax, but it should be tracked in the log. Maybe you need to try the PHP file with the error and check how it will be screened. The case from is very mysterious (I heard the music theme from "X-Files" now), but it needs to collect all info about the profile. Maybe it has smth non-standard, who knows.

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