Vendors Beware

I thought I should take a moment to give vendors a heads-up about a particular member who likes to purchase modules and then request refunds but continues to use the modules even after a refund has been issued.

Member Str8Ups now has $300 worth of my mods installed and has his money back as well. This member complained to Boonex about me because I would not give him a refund and he informed Boonex that my products were removed as he told PayPal, but the following links prove otherwise:

Where I come from we call that 'stealing'......Str8Up!



Quote · 20 Dec 2018

File a DMCA Takedown with his Hosting Provider.

Quote · 20 Dec 2018

Seems dodgy indeed. We can’t really do much as it is a transaction between the client and vendor - we have no control over it. 

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Quote · 22 Dec 2018

Andrew, is there no way of reprimanding someone for doing this type of thing? I feel as though we need to do something in order to make people think twice before doing what Str8Ups is doing?

Quote · 22 Dec 2018

It appears that the links are no longer working so str8ups may have done the right thing.

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