Vote for most wanted Dolphin updates


We're getting close to the planned final release of UNA 9 and expect to have the development resources available in the next couple of weeks to work on Dolphin. Details on the major changes and integrations option for UNA and Dolphin are still being worked out, but in the meantime, we plan a feature-update for Dolphin, mainly focused on long-standing issues and most-wanted feature improvements. 


Please, help us to prioritise the most wanted issues to work on. To vote, please sign in to GitHub and open Dolphin issues list at - then choose the ones that you think need to be done first and open each one to vote. Use the github "add reaction" icon and thumb-up each issue you're voting for. 


If you would like to propose a new feature or report a bug, please create a new issue in the repository. 

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Quote · 3 Aug 2018

I just went through the whole list and was astonished that there seemed to be only 1 (!) other user in the meantime who had voted on the issues. 

Come on guys! If we want Dolphin to improve and be updated, we should take advantage of Andrew's offer!


I added another issue that I was astonished, not to find on the long list:

Make subscriptions for forum posts by default, meaning if you add a new topic or answer a forum post, you should receive notifications about new posts automatically without explicitly having to subscribe to it.


So come on guys, please vote !!! Thank you Smile

Quote · 8 Aug 2018

Perhaps this has something to do with it:

"To vote, please sign in to GitHub"

No thank you, I shouldn't have to sign up for anything in order to state what I think should be addressed.  I don't know why Boonex is making people register on Boonex in order to download Dolphin; that might actually turn people away.  You can track the number of downloads without forcing people to join.

I can look over the tickets and see and then post the ticket number here.  I would say that bugs need to be addressed before enhancements. 

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Quote · 8 Aug 2018

I think there are a few things to be considered:

1: lack of trust, or is that interest?. Despite the hammering Boonex has received in recent several months, Andrew Boone has only appeared on this forum about three times. Finally to make the above post.

People have become disinterested in Boonex and I think it's up to the company to respond with what they plan to do rather  than throwing it back in our court. Are they so out of sync that they need to ask us what to do next? Surely it's not that bad!

2. Most of the people who post here seem to be members interested in getting their site running with a little help from this community. Even that has fallen off with only one request in several days. Most, including me don't want to get involved with Github. Personally, I rarely go there and in all honesty, it confuses me.

Surely those questions can be asked and answered here - in this forum? I thought that's what it was for.

Quote · 9 Aug 2018


Quote · 9 Aug 2018

Suggestions in the forum may easily get overlooked or buried among other information and forgotten. Voting on an issue in GitHub (and perhaps following it) helps to ensure it is actually addressed and also gives the source of feedback on whether it's done or may need more information.


We are spending more time than ever developing, testing and releasing updates - but mostly for UNA, as we do want to at least release a full final v9 before regrouping. Dolphin (current version) will be updated right after and then we consider further updating it to work with the new DTP (data portability project), which will allow smooth transition from Dolphin to UNA in the future, as well as concurrent operation, should you choose to run Dolphin modules connecting to UNA-powered database via DTP API.

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Quote · 10 Aug 2018

I also don't get the GitHub mentality.

Suggestions in the Boonex forum shouldn't be overlooked if it's in an 'official' Vote for Dolphin Updates thread.

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Quote · 12 Aug 2018

It would be nice to see some better responsive template variations.


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Quote · 13 Aug 2018


How do you not see that UNA is poorly designed?

It becomes difficult for us.

Try to compare the UNA product with others like Social Engine ...

Nobody will buy the UNA product.

It does not match the expectations of users.

What must be corrected on our Dolphin is ergonomics.

Too many features that are useless.

Make it simple!

Quote · 16 Aug 2018

What must be corrected on our Dolphin is ergonomics.

Too many features that are useless.

Make it simple!

Simple Answer:

Don't use the features that you consider useless and make update suggestions on ones that are considered useful.

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Quote · 17 Aug 2018

Did the results (if any) of this thread actually go anywhere, or did they fall into the abyss?

Quote · 16 Oct 2018

Come on John, the thread started with:

'We're getting close to the planned final release of UNA 9'.

Well, apart from 'that' being a plug for what they're really up to, if you think about it; it's taken six years to get where they are with the new baby and it still isn't out of nappies (or diapers).

The thing hasn't even started to walk yet, so don't expect any running.

Oh, then Zarconia exploded and we still have volcanic ash in the air.

Still, it's always worth a thread bump.

Until then, I'm playing around with Bootstrap on Travel Notes.

If we can get Dolphin looking better, and a little more unique, there's a chance more people will want to use it.

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Quote · 17 Oct 2018

I suggest that rather that you should save your time and money that it cost for developers to create this most wanted Dolphin update and buy some bigger hard drives instead so you can save backup's on Zarkonia in the future. No hosting delete there customers accounts so fast as you guys do

Quote · 18 Oct 2018

I previously reached out on Git Hub, and basically got ignored. So am just going to post this here instead.

1. Forget new modules. Update the backend code to 2018 standards. Do whatever you have to so it just works with php7.3. And for the love of god, build an upgrade tool, and a repair tool that automatically does database management. Support Curl. Make an interface where people can add admins. Support a block for currently online users. Make all blocks and themes configurable on a page by page basis site wide. Create tab containers.

2. Support module instances. Ever wanted to have custom features? Just ship Dolphin with 1 type of data module. Let people add as many of this as they need. Get rid of language files, and make everything done inline with HTML support and a real text editing solution.

3. Build an actual invitation system.

Quote · 3 Nov 2018

Great thoughts, Elshara.

Let's hope that you, and others making suggestions, eventually get listened to.

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Quote · 4 Nov 2018
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