W3C Conformity

Its been a long time since i last made a post, years in fact.  Good to be back :)


Anyway, I was just running a W3C Check on the new release of Boonex, on a fresh install.


After the check it came back with numerous errors/suggestions to make the site conform to W3C.  So im making a suggestion; Can the Code of Dolphin be modified to conform to the Standards?


These Standards do help people using the Internet to aid a better experience, and users with special requirements.


Its just a suggestion, though it would also be a great advantage to the Dolphin CMS.








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it would also be a great advantage to the Dolphin CMS.

 How so?  What great advantage would there be?

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Try to validate one of the most successful site and millions of members - FB. You'll see there is a lot of errors too.  But there is still advantage using w3 for some web owners if they really want to 100% comply.

W3C compliance – is it a requirement?

Check this link :  https://www.polemicdigital.com/2010/03/w3c-compliance-is-it-a-requirement/


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