Weird - Cannot Find My Favorites Button Anywhere

Well this might seem trivial, and I have questioned my own sanity/vision but I really cannot find how to view "My Favorites"

I have searched the forum, and read one similar problem (now closed) that suggests to add the "favorited" block to all pages.

But woah - I have NO favorited block anywhere and I cannot find any configuration/setting/module anywhere and like I have been through absolutely every option a dozen or so times.

I can add favorites but "where do they go?" Absolutely no option anywhere to view "My Favorites"

No installation erros, no errors anywhere... I am a teapot short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout - going GaGa on this one... Dipitty Doo Da Dippity ayy ,,....


While on the subject of Favorites, there is a very nice open source script out there that gets all the files/pictures/whatever you have favorited and zips them all up in a single WinZip file for easy downloading. Coppermine Picture Gallery uses it and the zip function works transparently - all you need to do before hand on your favorites page is remove the Favorites you don't want zipping. Would be a great little addition to Dolphin methinks...


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This is a Mod I just recently purchased which works flawlessly & looks beautiful. It allows you to view & delete all of your favorites in one place.

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I appreciate your intentions jabadoo but in fact this "Add & Delete Favorites" stuff  is old technology and has been around since 2007 - what is missing in Dolphin is a manner to apply such simple mods / accessories because their coding is somewhat weird - I am a full time coder and so have no need to purchase "mods" and can do it "myself" though I have to weigh my time spent messing / hacking Dolphin code against other projects that are simpler and earn more money.

I am asking in this forum about "where are My Favorites" because I really have better things to do than scan Boonex code looking for why one of the most basic "accessories" of web sites since at least 1998 (favorites) is missing / not working in a software program offered in the year 2012

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Admin>Builders>page blocks>photos/video/audio home


Look in the inactive blocks section and see if it's in there, click the little gray gripper edges of the block and drag it into the active block section where you want it to be on the page. If it is already in the active blocks section, then it may just not be visible- click the hyperlinked name on the block and make sure "visible to members" is selected.

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Thanks ggsinc

"Admin>Builders>page blocks>photos/video/audio home"

I have looked in there like a million times and seriously there is absolutely nothing there related to "Favorites"

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Strange. I'm attaching an image of what it looks like in my page blocks editor so you can see what it looks like (although it could be in the inactive blocks instead of the active blocks, of course). You might look and see if you have the language keys for the blocks: _bx_photos_favorited, _bx_videos_favorited, _bx_audio_favorited. If those are missing then you might have missing files from the original installation, what version of dolphin are you using?

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Hi ggsinc

I am using the very latest version of Dolphin downloaded last week (Jan-2012)

I tried the language file and bx_sounds_favorited is there, and all the other relevant files also.

I have checked once more again in Page Blocks but definitely no Favorited there


This is why I am questioning my sanity/eyesight lol... really I cannot find"My Favorites" anywhere

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That pic ggsinc posted is exactly how your admin should look. If you're in admin and you go to page block builder for sounds and that block isn't there then something is wrong with your install.

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It is easy to "Fave" someone but where do you find these Favorites later on in 7.1.4?

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I can't find a list of friends that I've favorited either.

The author of the mod "Favorites" says:

"Presently the feature is useless as you cannot easily identify the members that you have favorited."

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Based on another post I just read, I think you can view favorites via the menu item/page "connections."

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Has anyone figured this out.. Where do the favourites go?


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This is the module to have:

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