bottons and text

how do i change the button colour from blue?

Ive used the

tools/elements on google chrome and can make temporary changes. How and where do i locate the right css file

to make those changes permanent?

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Chrome's Inspecter is NON Destructive. Any changes you make on the elements screen do NOT transfer to your script.


1. See the attached screenshot. Inspect will show you the location of the CSS in your Dolphin script.

In my case the code is on or near line 110. It may be different to yours.

As Dolphin is not going to change, you can change the file. Just remember, if you upload the file again from the original script, your changes could be lost.

Make the changes and upload that single file to your server. Make sure the file overrides the original. I usually delete the original first, then upload.

You only need to upload the single file - common.css. Make sure it goes into the correct template and make sure your syntax (spelling and spacing) is correct. It the change doesn't work or the site crashes, just check everything and upload the file again. 

Clear your Browser cache: Admin/tools/cache/clear all.

Changes are not always instant!


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