dolphin 7.4.2 payments Problems


have problems with dolphin 7.4.2 payments

Payments for paid memberships are made correctly

only the member does not automatically go into the selected higher membership.

The affordable memberships also include a fixed number of credits.

This means that if a higher membership is chosen against payment, the member also receives the associated credits

The new mem-level is not started after a purchase.

I have to do the process manually for the members, which means problems with significant time lag.

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Addendum for better understanding

Is there a way to do this in either Dolphin so the membership level is automatically updated upon payment.

Data return url exists

process type IPN

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It is coded to do that so that members don't lose out on any remaining membership time; however, members often upgrade to get features and want that new membership to apply immediately.

I would have to study the code to see where the changes are needed.  Maybe one of the developers will come in and help with this.

At the least, there should be a checkbox for the member to decided if they want the new membership applied immediately or not.

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sorry, it depends on the return code from PayPal:

Info from PayPal:

Change your PayPal profile. Navigate to "My Sales Tools" and click "Update" next to "Website Settings". This will take you to the Website Payment Settings page. Turn on auto-return for website payments. Then enter a return URL and activate the payment data transfer. The Return URL setting is required for the transfer of payment data. PayPal displays an identity token. Copy and save it; Add it to the script on your return url page.

Write a script that will parse the url-encoded key-value pair string sent to your return url page and display the transaction details on that page. Information on the PDT keys (variables) from PayPal can be found in the PDT-specific variables. There are additional variables that are shared by the IPN and PDT notification services. A comprehensive list can be found in

the IPN and PDT variable reference.

Add to your script as needed to fill jobs or perform other advanced actions based on a database.

Test your integration with the PayPal sandbox. First, log into the sandbox area of the PayPal developer site and set up sandbox accounts. Then log into the PayPal sandbox with a test merchant account and repeat the steps outlined above in your sandbox account profile to set up website payment preferences. For more information on testing sandboxes, see the Sandbox Guide.

You can go live immediately once you've verified that your implementation is working properly in the PayPal sandbox.

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