ftp connect error, js file not find...

I use the hosting for dolphin. Zarconia Hosting.

when I want to install module via admin control

it's say my ftp setting error. I have check it no mistake of username and password.

And i found that in setting, no field of ip/hostname for ftp, only username and password and path.

So i can't install any module in dolphin.


another thing

I have install a splash page via ftp manually. It's not work and say all my js not find. but i have check that all js file is exist via ftp. I don't know which .htaccess affect this page


all the module and template are pay in market and with license. I really feel depression about boonex dolphin at this moment. I always ask the question but no one answer me in a week.

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Quote · 11 Jul 2016

Hi. For the Zarconia hosting problem just raise an email to team@boonex.com for assistance, they can help you there.

I looked at your screenshot. Can you actually visit those URL's on the bottom right side of snapshot?

If they show as 404, it would make sense that they are actually not present.

Quote · 11 Jul 2016
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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