hello it can no longer activate licenses and insta

boonex (dolphin) has a problem, since the last update no more licenses could be activated and installed. dolphin can not be installed properly any more, the correct chmod settings are missing, you can not go after the old ones, then nothing works anymore. furthermore, there are problems with the cache and TMP, graphics are insufficiently displayed, if at all.


It would be nice if one of the team could help.

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This is a minor update, it can't cause any of the above problems if it's properly applied. 

I suspect that you have some custom modifications or modules with modification in core files. In this case, you need to re-apply custom modifications in files which were overwritten during the version update. 

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If you need help, send me a PM

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It sounds like something went wrong with the upgrade. Make sure all patch files were fully uploaded. If it's still an issue, I recommend restoring from backup and looking at how you ran the upgrade, as something clearly went wrong.

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