hide men...

I make a website, http://4swingers.be for couples and woman.
But men will always contact woman and couples.

Can someone tell me if something exist like a button on the profile...

Ready to date...

& I don't want see men or i don't want that men contact me.

Or, see only couples, womant, transgender or men... Check...


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Quote · 13 Mar 2020

There's probably a dozen ways you can achieve this, but you may not be impressed with 12 of them. Although Dolphin was originally a dating site, it's a bit dated (pun) and doesn't offer all the bells and whistles you may want. Having said that, you can do wonders if you keep at it.

Buttons as such are a programming thing, so doing it that way will require the custom services of Anton (see market).

I suggest you create a multi selection check box profile field with the following options:

I'm happy to meet:

  • Couples
  • Women
  • Men
  • Transgender
  • - No Men Please

Depending on what your member selects, their profile will read:

I'm happy to meet: Couples, Women,  - No Men Please.

That's just one solution.

It's really up to you to be creative, but one step at a time.



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