how to remove bottom blocks from homepage

i want to remove bottom blocks from homepage 

see screenshot


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Quote · 3 May 2018

Hello vimgau!


It's possible to do via copying the file _sub_footer.html from templates/base to folder of your current template like templates/tmpl_uni. In the new file you need to remove blocks like:

<div class="sys_breadcrumb sys_main_page_width bx-def-margin-top"></div>

<div class="sys_copyright sys_main_page_width bx-def-margin-top"></div>

with the whole content. BUT! The following constructions like 

<bx_injection:injection_breadcrumb_before />      

<bx_injection:injection_breadcrumb_after />

<bx_injection:injection_footer_before />

<bx_injection:injection_footer_after />

should be kept as all of them influence on Dolphin's work.


With the best regards, Leonid

Quote · 3 May 2018

I had removed this code, nothing changed the foot! I did this from the same old topic but there was no change.

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After changes you need login as admin, go to Tools->cache area and then clear all caches. The new changes will appear only after this action.

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