installation stuck after database setup


   I got a 'internal error' during installation steps, right after fill in information of mysql information. tried different browsers, checked httpd log, no clue. Anyone can help? 



Quote · 21 Dec 2017

The install process is pretty foolproof and you shouldn't get any errors. The step-by-step process will tell you what's wrong and won't let you advance until you've fixed it. 

You must be more specific when you post here. A screenshot of the problem screen with the error message will help. Also what do you mean by an internal error? 404, or just a message stating something is wrong.

The more information you supply, the easier it is for others to help. Always assume that we're NOT mind readers, because we aren't!

Quote · 21 Dec 2017

An internal server error usually means there's an issue with the server setup and Dolphin. Check the error_log file for more information - there's usually one under the main Dolphin or /install folder, or somewhere under the hosting account. Some servers have errors logged to the main error_log file under /etc/httpd/logs or /var/log/httpd etc.


We'll need to know the error in order to help further.

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