installed modules/uninstall

have again with Dolphin 7.3.5 problem

  installed modules /


it does not work .

the button does not react

but not installed modules can be installed.

does anyone ever have such problems?

Quote · 17 Dec 2018

We need to know a bit more about your server and hosting as well.  Are you saying that you don't get any type of error message when trying to uninstall a module and that the module stays installed?  Is this for all modules including the ones that come with Dolphin?

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Quote · 17 Dec 2018

the server can not be the problem because another dolphin site on the same server does not have this problem.

All boonex modules can not be uninstalled.

The button does not respond

also get no error message

Quote · 18 Dec 2018


Very interesting and rare case. Is it possible to get your admin access details via PM? I would review it.

Quote · 18 Dec 2018

Hello Leonid,

about PM is ok. I'll contact you

Quote · 19 Dec 2018

What was the eventual solution to this as I have the exact same issue

Steve E
Quote · 13 Jul 2019

Hello Steve!


It requires to check the error log firstly or some module has the errors which crush the execution of the script during uninstallation.

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Good to see you back Leonid. For some reason I thought we may have lost your fantastic support. 


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