join and login not working

I just did a new install of Dolphin and moved the license to this install. I had id set up as invitational only and If anyone clicked the join or login buttons the screen get's darker and it doesn't let you do anything so I changed it to make it open but it still does the same thing. What is going on and how do I fix this?

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BTW, site is so you can see for yourself. No error comes up, nothing....

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If you mean the popup join/login form, try turning off CSS and JavaScript cache and compression. Sometimes the JavaScript cache can become corrupted and cause problems like this.

It also seems the login and join forms don’t seem to be submitting anything, but maybe that’s an issue only for me on my mobile. If not, check the error_log to see if there’s anything happening when the form is submitted. If you have anything like ModSecurity turned on, try switching it off for now.

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