module Moxie Problem

had installed the module Moxie.
Can in HTML block
do not link images with internal pages
Bottem does not respond
this is very bad.
Is there a trick?
Has anyone had the same problems?

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No answer probably because we can't understand the question.  Do this, post in your native language as well as a translated version of your question from one of the translators on the net.

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Quote · 6 Feb 2019

how can I link a picture in the HTML block?

Quote · 8 Feb 2019

As a licensed user, you can download MoxiManager that allows you to upload photos from your PC. If you haven't installed it, you can only upload photos from Dolphin, or your root folder. Obviously its best to upload from the PC.

When using Tinymce, just click the text area and then click the Moxi Manager icon.

See attached PDF to see how do this and upload.

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Quote · 8 Feb 2019

I have MoxiManager on my Dolphin page.

could in the HTML block

with MoxiManager

Link pictures with insert link to pages of Dolphin.

See picture attached.

I do not mean insert / edit image.

but insert link

with insert / edit image it is possible to insert a picture.

The image could then be linked with insert link to other pages.

This is no longer possible, because the bottem is not responding, you wanted to save.

Since Dolphin 7.3.5, I believe it is no longer possible to link an image to a page inside or outside of Dolphin with insert link.

does anyone have other experiences?

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Quote · 8 Feb 2019

I have now found the trick, like images in HTML BLOCK with moxi

can be linked.

First put a textlink

then load a picture on the textlink

that was it

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