picture from the author to another dolpfin side

Hello Eerybody,

I wanted the Picture from the Author (_bx_photos_author)

to another Dolphin Side.

Currently it is only on / m / photos / view / xxxxxxxxx

it should stay there

But also to see another Dolphin Site

Is it possible?

Thanks for your Help

Quote · 22 Jan 2021

Yes, generate the complete URL https://first-dolphin-site.tld/m/photos/view/file-to-be-viewed.jpg

Geeks, making the world a better place
Quote · 22 Jan 2021

many thanks geek_girl,

Unfortunately works incorrectly.


should by the public user

instead of going to join.php,

display the current profile picture of the user

Quote · 23 Jan 2021

This is clearly a case of I don't know what you are trying to achieve.  Maybe restating the problem in a different way may help.  Also, if English isn't your first language, try using Google Translate to translate the problem from your native language to English and posting.

Geeks, making the world a better place
Quote · 23 Jan 2021
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