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Hi when i go to builders/nav menu/ then i go to my profile and timeline-viewr block when i make this a quick link to put on account page it doesnt work, 

I get page not found and in url it is -> www.mysite.com/dolph-7-3-3-test/m/wall/index/{profileUsername}

but if i click timeline in header link it takes me timeline page  see pic


Quote · 28 Oct 2017

Link to own Timeline from "My Profile" menu should work, if you place Timeline menu block from "Profile View" then this problem could happen.

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Quote · 30 Oct 2017

Hi Alex T please see pick of block that i made a quick link, let me know if this is wrong


Quote · 31 Oct 2017

As shown in your screenshot, the block name is "TimelineViewer", but for "My Profile" column it must be "TimelineOwner" block, which is a bit different.

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