seo frendly pages

Hi im new in this comunity can you tell me wy pages on admintrator panel of dolphin are diferent in url pages like this open

and page like seofrendly like this not open

I have in joomla option for turn of or on sefriendly urls were to edit urls ?

thx !

Quote · 29 Feb 2016

Check if you have .htaccess file in your Dolphin folder from the package.

Also you can disable friendly URLs in Dolphin Admin Panel > Settings > Advanced Settings > Permalinks

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Quote · 1 Mar 2016

Ok thx ! Can you tell me were .htaccess is best described for dolphin ?

Quote · 1 Mar 2016

.htaccess is in the original Dolphin package.

I've also attached it for your convenience.

.htaccess · 7.2K · 243 downloads
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Quote · 1 Mar 2016

Ok i konw what is .htaccess but wat to put in there to get work seo friendly pages !


Quote · 2 Mar 2016

Download this file - .htaccess - and put it into your Dolphin root folder.

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Quote · 4 Mar 2016

Basically - when you download the Dolphin files, there is an .htaccess file in the root directory. Some ftp programs do not read hidden files or files with a . in front of them and you may not have uploadd this file to your server when you did your initial upload. Alex has provided you with the .htaccess file you will need in order for the permalinks to work properly. There is nothing you need to do to the file itself except upload to your root directory of your dolphin based site. The file is already written to rewrite urls.
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