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i am programmer

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im having an issue with mod ... the fotex_mods file and the fotex_config.php keep failing at transfer ... can anyone help me out with this? ... thanks
Change permissions on the 'inc' file to 755
how cool and easy thanks
there is a fix to make this mod work now message me if you need the info :)
very good!! Speed :-)) many thanks!!
jordiGleft feedback on Yahoo Weather7th of March 2012
This sucks. I get all kinds of errors on the forum. I went back to the default uni template
This is a great mod, and instant support !!!
I'm having trouble with this installation. I downloaded file thru filezilla and the module came up in admin panel so I installed it and adjusted the settings but I don't see the yahoo weather anywhere on my site.... can someone suggest any solutions......I'm not coding savvy....PLEASE HELP!
you need to add the widget as a block on the main site under pages in teh admin section
lawaxes1left feedback on IN BLUE30th of January 2012
nice Templates
can you use more than one IP address? I'm behind a router and never sure what IP to put. Can I use both internal and external?
Quick response from the seller. Amazing Templates I bought two of his templates so far and planning to buy all of them.
Thanks fotex for the fantastic job. Fotex is extremely helpful in all aspects. Highly recommend!
UFO360left feedback on IN BLUE21st of January 2012
Nice work I like when u scroll the page the [age scroll behind the menu nice work
Highly Recommend! Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Great mode. I love it. Check it out on my site.
Couldn't execute query! after install
Nice, Fajny Mod - Dzieki;)
Awesome work, does everything promised and very fast install less than 5 mins!! And out of all weather related mods out there this one is by far the cheapest at only $10, WOW!! Once again, thank you! Live demo,
fotex, I sent you a message about some custom work. I have just resent it as there was no reply. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Nice share thankyou
Thank you so much! Great support, bug fixed and now I'm very happy this block on forum and index page!
hello !

I love it , it's perfect !!respect man ^^
Brilliant!!! Works like a charm! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! I highly recommend this module! Exellent work!
how to install
working great keep it up
I bought and not happy with the results. It is not showing my articles in an elegant way.

Not recommended, I hope I can refund!!
before buying you had the opportunity to see action on the demo or request me if you have question about mod. module is compatible with the description and working properly. if you have new idea for mod settings send message to me and meaby i implemented your idea.
It works, but not as expected. You have to actually embed the images using the MCE source editor (no drag and drop please!) So if you bought Ultimate Articles because it posts pictures, and wanted this mod to use those pictures automatically .... you are in for a big dissappointment. Yes it works, but it adds extra steps that not every user is going to be able to figure out. The Ultimate Articles and Ultimate News allows your sites users to post Articles and News. You're going to have to tell them see more .... "Wait, that picture you added --- forget about it. And wait --- don't drag and drop it into the editor. See that teeny tiny HTML logo... you have to click it and add the correct HTML tag with a correct path." Good grief.... that's asking too much. It's too much trouble for even the admin to do.... This is supposed to be AUTOMATIC not some hand tweaked b.s.

I and others are looking forward to this issue being resolved.
i update mod and now working correctly :D
Second vote for Image News support. I wouldn't mind if you even made it a separate module for Image News, with the ability to optionally replace the default Promo Banner with it(like this: I use all three (Ultimate News, Ultimae Articles and Image News) and I don't want my users to scroll endlessly.
Don't work... or can you give informations... ?
this app work fine meaby you use wrong access data. of this application already uses a lot of people
So far I am liking this module. Is there a way I can define which category it draws its ultimate articles from, instead of just all the categories?
now mod display articles from all next week i update mod with add categories select.if you want now display from category send me email and i help you
Super little Mod!
Works fine. Don't forget delete the cache from admin after install!

Can you insert support for Image News?
image news not very popular but meaby in future i add support for this
Also works with Modzzz Ultimate Articles, as well as standard Boonex Articles!

Ive used this on a site where my members can write their own articles, and now have slider on front page showing them as they update. Works great!

This is perfect for what I need.

Very good module, very good communication from Fotex!
First mod I bought from him, and within a day, he had added support for Ultimate Articles mod within this. Will definitely be keeping an eye on future mods from see more Fotex!

Great :-)
Very nice..As small the idea...I like the service!!!
I've bought and paid for your module. Unfortunately, no picture is displayed.

Greetings Markus
download again mod. remove record from database and install again...

ps:of your email sent to me concludes that it is ok already :)
now its work :D sorry
where is the download link please ?
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