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Did you know that Most people search today in Google for products and Services? NOT the Yellow pages and even less now days in coupon ads. We are contacting business owners to let them know of our great Video Ranking Services… we offer thru email specials only our best deals. Our promotional Videos are developed in HD, with computer voice overs, male or female, motion backgrounds and clickable links to your website. Video are rankable now because Google bought YouTube and there are over 800 million unique visitors on YouTube every month. We develop and rank YouTube Videos in Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. Our Videos can be shared on FB and any other Social Media you are using or let us help you in that also! Here is a current client that we have developed 12 videos for and set up there YouTube channel, Facebook and blog for. This Channel as you can see is only 3 weeks old… and over 500 video views… would a 1,000 views channel help in your business each month? Maybe 3 to 4 thousand? We can develop and accomplish this task for you! You can click on any of the videos to see the quality of our work… The Client gave us the keyword for his domain and gave us a list of the products he wanted videos for. We have ranked every video on page one in google and each of the keywords we developed from his list are all ranking on page one today in Google. His Channel ranks #1 now in YouTube. Request your Email Bonus Package Today and let us show you how we can generate more traffic to YOUR website. G Top Seven Marketing Ron Buster

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