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a Poor, Thief and unconditionally poverished man, always thinking of hw to cheat people and developers who work hard all day to earn something for their living.
Nether knows a single programming code nor learns to respect the ones who do. Buys out cheap templates, and then asks workers to work on them, and in the end asks them to lower the cost, else he won't buy. As for the upfront he gives, dont ever believe in it. Coz after the work, he opens a dispute and asks for a refund. The worker is left see more with nothing, and then he leaves all sort of bad reviews everywhere and finally approaches the worker to ONCE AGAIN work for him. Now the programmar has ultimately got no way out, since he has already got so many fake profiles here at boonex, that he makes false reviews about everyone.
His works, may be 6out of 10, but those are because of the labour and hard work of the programmars, whom this person has never paid, or paid less than half of the amount. We are left with no way, because the work was already been done, and if not sold, we cannot do anything with it.

SO this is all the high profile, low mentality-corporate drama that dolphintemplate is doing over here.
better think thrice before you buy anything from here. You might be kicking a good old programmar if you do so.

If you knew half of what I know in programming, half of the 8 years of design studies I made, and work half of what I am working, and providing half of the support I am providing you will for sure understand how hard it is for me (working alone) to get a single positive review. What you see on this page are well earned positive comments. I never wanted to be publicly thanked but since people like you do exist, then this is the only way to stop you from trashing my perfect reputation.. I have hundreds see more of happy clients and as you can see you are the only "black dot" on a white background around here.
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