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I was trying to give these people a chance to show that they are really good people to work with, however once again they have provide to be something else. We had a agreement for the design of my website, these people took almost 4months, then gave up saying that they was "tired of working" tell me is that anyway of doing business? They rushed the designed and half did the work, however they wanted to keep asking me for money for unfinished work. Who wants to pay anyone for un-complete see more work? The coding was messed up because they didnt test it well to make sure it was functioning good, there where still errors with my template for example it would not even load up all the way therefor you could not even see all the data on the page, but yet these people say that they was complete and wanted final payment. Do not, i say again Do NOt do business with these people because they are not committed to what they start, they are not customer friendly, they half do work and expect payment for it, and most of all they are not trust worthy or perfessional at all.
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