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Be careful, guys. I bought this "Integration", but got nothing. Except promises that tomorrow developer will install it on my site. Do not buy it if you don't want to lose your money.
6 days I was waiting untill this guy install his "patch" on my site. Thank you very much, Sammy. Buy a beer on my money, that I paid to you for installation.
Sammy, thank you for the great work you did on my site. I also want to thank you for going above and beyond. It was not in our agreement but you also cleaned up coding making my site ten times faster. I will be using you again. I am already deciding how I want to customize modules bought and also as you know add some more custom work that is not available here. I already know you are the one I will be asking. no need to post in any market any more. Anyone reading this, Sammy not only gives see more you a very fair price, he actually goes the extra mile. It was a very complex operation as other programmers told me (that were wanting to charge 300 dollars and upwards) and would take weeks if not months. Sammy did it in two days for a fraction of the cost with style, perfection and professionalism.

Once again, thank you so very much for being committed and dedicated and treating me not only as a client but as someone who had a problem and needed it fixed.

Thank you

12 Hours to fix my site and respond to me or I will explain all of the problems that I had and have that has killed a ton of work and a lot of money. I do not know which Bridge taht you installed they both take a minute to load or longer and) will not allow any members to sign up to any of my 3 websites that are incorporated in this mess.
THis has been a disaster from the get-go. I want it either to work NOW or Removed and a refund for both "bridges" It does nothing that you claimed and see more has done nothing but wreck all of my sites. I can assure you taht if it isn't resolved in 12 hours I will not go away. There are national brands involved in this problem- I will convert my dolphin site to make sure others are aware of what kid of service you provideto warn them to avoid your "service"
12 Hours to fix my site and respond to me or I will explain all of the problems that I had and have that has killed a ton of work and a lot of money.
Total amateur. Stay away if you want an actually working integration. Installed Joomla on my server to help with the integration. This guy should be banned from the Market!
I've been long looking for a high qualified professional, but the problem is that there is no documentation to regulate it. The most common mistakes about working as developer are
1- developer gives illusion that everything can be done. In that time, with that money, exactly like the client desire.
2- Client and Developer have lack in Conversation.
3- Contract agreements must to be respected or taken to the law. Much money out there were stolen by amateurs and bad guys. To avoid it, see more make a good contract, awards for satisfaction, with payments per milestones, priorities come first, planning spreadsheet and for more work, more discount (be smart).
4- . Client and Developer need to work in team, not one against other. NO SENSE. Since the Developer is the professional, his main goal is to help to release the website of his client/friend with all his help. If take time and money, make some deal, but don't loose the focus of Satisfaction and Quality, This will make you a professional.
5- Money is an illusion. You can get a lot now (thinking it is enough) and be loosing much more further because you lost the client.. Some people I won't look for anymore, and others I always trust and always put my coins for some help. Like Modzzz Team.

I am just saying that because I have lost lot of money and wasted 5 months with some developer in Job/Unity. And now I found this profile and those comments. Hope my personal experience here can help you guys, somehow ...
I am looking for some professional in this terms. And I am broke. lol.

BTW, Sammy, I came here to say about integration.
I have two suggestions. To integrate Dolphin with some Support Ticket replacing the 'contact;'
and some integration with e-commerce script? uhhuuu!!
While I save some cash, go thinking on it. And congratulation for those integrations ! Looks awesome!.
Thanks for the advice. As you rightly observed Its usually a communication or documentation problem bw client or developer. We are constantly observing any flaws and improving our Processes for efficient Service Delivery.
Your Integration is Outstanding B̶u̶l̶l̶s̶h̶i̶t̶ Job!
To prevent Ungrateful People / Time Wasters who are looking for a way to tarnish our reputation by posting Bad comments on our Profile. GLOBAL SOLUTIONS does not collect any deposit from any client until We have built your Project on a development server and sent you a Link to view / test it as working on our Development sever.

Once you have tested it and you are satisfied with it, you can then pay to pick up your Project .We will install it for u on your server. Make sure you have all see more your Project full Details recorded in a file before sending it to us for a Quote. Make Sure your Website Manager makes a backup of your site on a Separate folder just in case you may want to start accusing us of a fault that was originally there. if you didn't do a backup, we will charge you for backup ($10) ...before starting work on your site. Make sure you have a Website Manager who does the basic management activities on your site as you are only paying us for a specific task and not for us to start managing your entire site for you at the same price. Any alteration or addition from the Original Project Contract file will attract extra charges. We do not give unpleasant surprises to clients, neither do we like unpleasant surprises from clients or radical changes to an agreed plan without client accepting to bear the corresponding price increase. We will do our very best to satisfy any client whose project or job we accept to do. For clients who feel they can easily alter or add to the Original Request / Contract file and still want their job completed at the same original price. Please find another Developer who can accept to do extra work for you free.
I need my money back. I had someone check out the code you did for my shitty template and all you did was run a javascript to someone elses website so that if there website goes down then so will mines. That is not what I paid you to do. I paid you $100 bucks for a template and you cheated me out of my money. Give me a refund or I will have my lawyers track you down and sue you for fraud. You have my email and I will give you 3 days to respond. I am not playing with you in this matter. And to everyone see more else, do not do any type of business with these people. They are frauds.
Don’t Trust Samuel AT ALL,

He is a liar and unfaithful person and amateur in his job. I was looking for somebody to customize people block for me. He had applied this very simple and easy job and received $130. While, not only he didn’t perform 30 percent of this job but he also has ruined the other customizations. He is not care about his customers and did not reply to them, at all.
He did cheat me and I wasted my money and time.
Thanks a lot Samuel, for upgrading my site fixing all the many errors on my site. I had almost lost hope and was about starting a new site, Like a Night Rider, you came in an fixed all the errors asap. Thanks a million. will contact you soon with some new customizations I want for my site.
I was trying to give these people a chance to show that they are really good people to work with, however once again they have provide to be something else. We had a agreement for the design of my website, these people took almost 4months, then gave up saying that they was "tired of working" tell me is that anyway of doing business? They rushed the designed and half did the work, however they wanted to keep asking me for money for unfinished work. Who wants to pay anyone for un-complete see more work? The coding was messed up because they didnt test it well to make sure it was functioning good, there where still errors with my template for example it would not even load up all the way therefor you could not even see all the data on the page, but yet these people say that they was complete and wanted final payment. Do not, i say again Do NOt do business with these people because they are not committed to what they start, they are not customer friendly, they half do work and expect payment for it, and most of all they are not trust worthy or perfessional at all.
Thanks for completing the work for my website. Maybe we can do more business again. I would recommend this group to anyone for business. they do great work
so confused with this post, I don't get it .....grrrr
Thanks you for stealing my money and trying to steal my website as well. You are a true cruck and your lucky your ass is not located in the states...Dont do business with these crucked ass people. They are a scam
can u start with designing a logo and also some page design modification? whats your price per task?
Sammy, you are the best, not only did you fix a problem that no one would answer in the forums but you did it in record time. I'll be coming to you for all my Boonex tech support and will gladly pay for your superior services. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Sammy is the man...Good Guy and best working etiquette!
I'll sure to hire him again next time I need help.

Keep Up the best job!

I do not know how to thank. Even though I paid for the service you provided me, I still feel like just thanking you is not enough. My site had multiple problems ranging from modules, sound and flash applications not working properly. You took the job and fixed them all within a reasonable timeframe. You also communicate with me each step along the way which is very vital to me. I am currently considering you to be my Boonex tech support.

Thank you very much, ones again for your skills see more and help in resolving my problems. I will recommend you to anyone who will need your services.

Thank you so much for all this work. I did not realize how complex it is to perform integrate Joomla Quiz Deluxe into Dolphin - I am so happy and impress. My believe in your knowledge and skills are stronger than ever. Also thank you for the phpbb3 forums integration to my dolphin site.

The payment I made toward the work you performed is way so low. I did make donation and will make another donation in the next few days as to say thank you for all your work. Outstanding. I am sorry that I had see more doubted in your skills and knowledge, because it is more complex than I though. You have to forgive me. You have been demonstrate your capability for the job well done.

I am looking forward to work with you in many more project.

Best Regards
Huan Vuong &
Sammy, I would like to say thank you for an outstanding job you did for me, to integrated phpbb3 to replace orca default forums on my site

The most important thing for me is to transfer my members from old forums phpbb 2.x.x and you did it with out me asking, because i can not afford the price.

You also helping me to integrate images, photos, videos and embedded videos for the forums so members can upload these features

I am sure will ask you to integrate my php quiz see more on the site in the next few days

I will recommend you to all my friends for this outstanding and professionalism you have.

Thank you so much, YEAH there are great and good people out there you just have to search for it and go through a whole bunch of bad own before you meet a good one like Sammy.

Huan &
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