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To prevent Ungrateful People / Time Wasters who are looking for a way to tarnish our reputation by posting Bad comments on our Profile. GLOBAL SOLUTIONS does not collect any deposit from any client until We have built your Project on a development server and sent you a Link to view / test it as working on our Development sever.

Once you have tested it and you are satisfied with it, you can then pay to pick up your Project .We will install it for u on your server. Make sure you have all see more your Project full Details recorded in a file before sending it to us for a Quote. Make Sure your Website Manager makes a backup of your site on a Separate folder just in case you may want to start accusing us of a fault that was originally there. if you didn't do a backup, we will charge you for backup ($10) ...before starting work on your site. Make sure you have a Website Manager who does the basic management activities on your site as you are only paying us for a specific task and not for us to start managing your entire site for you at the same price. Any alteration or addition from the Original Project Contract file will attract extra charges. We do not give unpleasant surprises to clients, neither do we like unpleasant surprises from clients or radical changes to an agreed plan without client accepting to bear the corresponding price increase. We will do our very best to satisfy any client whose project or job we accept to do. For clients who feel they can easily alter or add to the Original Request / Contract file and still want their job completed at the same original price. Please find another Developer who can accept to do extra work for you free.
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