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I've been long looking for a high qualified professional, but the problem is that there is no documentation to regulate it. The most common mistakes about working as developer are
1- developer gives illusion that everything can be done. In that time, with that money, exactly like the client desire.
2- Client and Developer have lack in Conversation.
3- Contract agreements must to be respected or taken to the law. Much money out there were stolen by amateurs and bad guys. To avoid it, see more make a good contract, awards for satisfaction, with payments per milestones, priorities come first, planning spreadsheet and for more work, more discount (be smart).
4- . Client and Developer need to work in team, not one against other. NO SENSE. Since the Developer is the professional, his main goal is to help to release the website of his client/friend with all his help. If take time and money, make some deal, but don't loose the focus of Satisfaction and Quality, This will make you a professional.
5- Money is an illusion. You can get a lot now (thinking it is enough) and be loosing much more further because you lost the client.. Some people I won't look for anymore, and others I always trust and always put my coins for some help. Like Modzzz Team.

I am just saying that because I have lost lot of money and wasted 5 months with some developer in Job/Unity. And now I found this profile and those comments. Hope my personal experience here can help you guys, somehow ...
I am looking for some professional in this terms. And I am broke. lol.

BTW, Sammy, I came here to say about integration.
I have two suggestions. To integrate Dolphin with some Support Ticket replacing the 'contact;'
and some integration with e-commerce script? uhhuuu!!
While I save some cash, go thinking on it. And congratulation for those integrations ! Looks awesome!.
Thanks for the advice. As you rightly observed Its usually a communication or documentation problem bw client or developer. We are constantly observing any flaws and improving our Processes for efficient Service Delivery.
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