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Hello, I don't know what you are talking about but your site was never lost! I am seeing it here: I went out of my way to help you fix your site when you first moved it to our system. Your site was loading slow because it had people leeching from your database. It looked like it was hacked. After i secured your site and had it loading fast all was good. We have the cPanel backups turned off because it causes a huge load on the server and brings everyones sites down. We have see more a master backup system that takes a backup of everyones sites then stores them on a different server. Backups can also be taken by using the cPanel zip/compress function and exporting the database via phpmyadmin.

After a few months i noticed your site was under constant heavy load and i advised you that you had many members and you may want to think about moving it or upgrading to a dedicated or VPS server as it was too big for shared hosting. You responded by saying you were going to take my advice and move to a dedicated or VPS server. After some time had passed i noticed that your hosting payment was way overdue and i tried to contact you to ask if your site had been moved yet. Even though it was way overdue i still did not suspend the account.

After further investigation i found that your site was already moved and up and running. Apparently your new host had already moved it. I contacted you too ask if you were done with the transfer. I received no response for many days. After verifying that your site was up and running and had indeed been moved we closed your hosting account. I tried to contact you one last time before this asking if you could pay the final overdue invoice but you never replied. Your claiming that your site was lost and 2 years work was down the drain but i see your site working fine here: It looks like you are just trying to ruin my reputation for some reason.

I understand that sometimes you just can't please everybody all of the time no matter what you do, but we host 100's of dolphin sites for boonex members and this is the first negative experience we have received so far. I am sorry we were not able to please you and apologize for any inconvenience but this is no reason to try and ruin my reputation with lies.
I hate to go on about this but i feel i must defend myself. I cannot have negative content posted about my company without some defense. When you requested a backup i replied the next day. I made a full backup for you in the home directory. I also sent you an email advising you of this. You should be mad at your new host not me! They had over a full week to do the transfer. I transfer sites everyday without backup. All you had to do was compress the public_html directory and export the databse via see more php my admin. How can you run a site for 5 years and not know this? That was how i did it when i transferred your site in the first place as there was no backup then also. You knew full well that the account was already past due and that i had re-enabled it as a professional courtesy. You make it sound like i went out of my way to screw you over and that is not the case at all. I wish you the best and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.
To all boonex members, i apologize for having to post this in such a public manner but feel i must defend my self..... I love dolphin and everything it stands for and hope to continue providing my services and mods in the future.
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Hey Luc,
I have just created a backup for you. It's in your home directory. The file is called "backup-3.6.2013_10-33-23_eugoodne.tar" let me know if i can do anything else to assist you?
Thank you, Wayne
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