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Wow – Incredible – Awesome – Fantastic – First Class – None Better

You think too much praise for template makers? Then you have not met the awesome folks at:

We are building some of the most complete Dolphin communities ever. We have countless mods, and millions invested in a variety of support infrastructures. Help Desks, worldwide marketing, professional actors, entertainers, investors… You name it, we have it all on the line. So we have no time see more for losers.

Anyone who has worked with the Dolphin software for a while, (ie; 2yrs ++ for us), learns quickly that the next MOD or the next TEMPLATE can break the system if it is not properly coded. We know this first hand, because we hired a designer for one of sites 2 yrs ago, he did so much damage we had to trash the site and start over. So don’t let this happen to you. Go with professional templates, form the pros at Dolphin Template. Not only do they offer some of the finest designs available. They do the job right. Things work out of the box. Even with many MODS on our communities, their templates work without a hitch. Just plain excellent work…!!!

But the quality does not stop there, need a change, have a question, a problem of any kind. You want professionals, people who care about the quality of their work is a great start, but you want professional who also care that your happy with every aspect of their work. Who care what your needs are, and if your successful using their products. Yep, you guessed it, your going to want again. Because when push comes to shove, they are simply the best on every account.

**Absolutely the heroes we need, and yours too I bet. **

Best wishes to all,
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