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Advertising in an event module

I am looking to upgrade my event section with a new event module. I like the locations one in the market and the one modzzz put out. However, I would like to buy one and have the ability to have ads placed in the event mods. I want the ads to display from the local event that they are located near as well. So for instance, a marathon can have local vendors for the event place ads in the event specific page. I was thinking a buy button on the specific event page. The vendor can buy thru pay pal and then redirect to a page to enter a short description, there offer/or discount and a thumbnail pic. This would then be placed on the vent page once they hit submit. Only to be deleted by myself or when they buy it , they can choose 30,60,90,120 day intervals thru pay pal, price specific. Any interest? Give me a quote
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we can do this job for you. Cost - $500 Time - 7days
maybe i can help you just PM me at cyberplusgold@gmail.com
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