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Bid module

Hello i am making a site were users should be able to post a object like a chair or something else they like to have delivered somewere. and then a company can offer a price for the job done. and then the user can accept the offer.


to this i need a "bid module"


the site is setup to have 1 free membership and 1 paid membership.


free membership:

Should be able to post object they wish to get delivered.

Be able to accept bids on own object.


paid membership:

Should be able to post objects they wish to get delivered.

Bid in with a price.

Be able to accept bids on own object.



if possible it should be shown in one block

should contain following information. Titel - From - To - Distance - Object - Delivery day - bid - Detail button - Ok button,

and possible more.

a switch to change between list and map view.

If possible then to show shortest route on map view

When adding a object the user should type in all information and maybe also picture these thing is ok if its on a seperate page.

but other things on same block



simple and smooth


i am open to surgenstions also.


YobiLab9th of March 2011bid: $1200  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
Hello. We are one of the Boonex Top Traders with over 1130 points. We can create these modifications for you. Let me know if you are interested.
smile4sammy9th of March 2011bid: $900  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
We will be happy to do this job for you Global Solutions
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