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Date / Time Formatting




The following code


//echo 'Hello World!';
$q="select * from Profiles where NickName='$_REQUEST[ID]' ";
//echo $q;

$timestamp1 =$recq[DateLastLogin];
$timestamp1 = time();
$date1 = date("j-M-Y H:i:s",$timestamp1);

echo 'Last login date ' . $recq[DateLastLogin];

//echo 'Last login date ' . $recq[DateLastLogin];
echo '<br>';

$timestampp =$recq[DateLastEdit];
$timestampp = time();
$date2 = date("j-M-y H:i:s",$timestampp);

//echo 'Last profile update date ' . $date2;

echo 'Last profile update date ' . $recq[DateLastEdit];

echo '<br>';

$timestamp3 = time();
$timestamp3 =$recq[DateReg];

$date3 = date("j-M-Y H:i:s",$timestamp3);

//echo 'Registration date ' . $date3;

echo 'Registration date ' . $recq[DateReg];




Generates an output like this:



Last login date 2011-04-21 12:26:22
Last profile update date 2011-04-20 19:48:07
Registration date 2011-02-15 23:32:12



However I would like the output tobe like this:


Last login date: Wed 6th April 2011
Last profile update date: Fri 4th Mar 2011  19:48:07
Registration date: Thurs 6th Oct 2010 23:32:12



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have you looked at /administration/advanced_settings.php admin - settings - advanced settings - variables there are a few time and date setting in there.
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