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Developer Needed For Entertainment Website!!

i want my website to have the ability to have the members be able to comment using a usb camera like it is included with dolphin 7 but with another member for money!Thats It! I want my members to be able to have a video battle with another member after both(only 2 players for one battle)placed a bet with real money.  then the fans vote for the winner and the person who wins gets all the money from the bet and the admin gets 10 percent. NEED A DEVELOPER WHO CAN HANDLE THE JOB!

ps: if you have any other ideas in a way that the members can bet using real money involving points or something then bid and tell me!


Thank You

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can be done.
let me know if interested.
I'm contacting you regarding your post about the development of a video battle for you entertainment website. This is something that I've been planning to develop for a least a year now. What I'm working on is a whole lot more extensive than what you mentioned because it potentionally a very good monetization strategy that I've wanted to do right.

Personally, I can do the coding for approximately 70% of the mod, but I'm going to have to outsouce around 30% of it to make sure all bases are see more covered. I'm a designer and I pretty decent with PHP, MySQL and XML..with some AS2 and AS3. What I've been searching for is someone to pick up the financial slack on the amount that needs to be outsourced, then we can share the mod. If this happens, then we will need to come to some typeagreement as to how we'll roll out our systems so we don't conflict. Although it's not complete, I've put a lot of thought and work into it thus far. I'm pretty embedded in the music industry in Atlanta, GA so that's how I plan to launch...with the endorsement of a couple of key celebs.

Let me know if you're interested in pooling resources to get this done. By the way, I've tried to bid the whole thing out before and the quotes that you will get back are crraaaaaaazzzy. You'll like get quotes that range from $3500 - $6000. The mod is lots of work, trust me on that. Even though this is so, planning is the key, and I've done tons of that, including documenting the plans.

Let me know if you're interested.

- Ulysses Chico Chapman
CEO - Nations Best Enterprises, Inc.
d/b/a - NationsBestDesigns
888-351-4588 ext. 4
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