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is this module work with 7.1.4
In the install instructions, in order to integrate this feature in to Tiny_MCE, I am instructed to edit the file "administration/js/page_builder.js" however this file is not present in 7.1.4, can you offer any help on integrating this feature in 7.1.4? Or perhaps offer an alternative mod? Thanks
Just downloaded the script and installed it in my 7.0.9 dolphin site.
Unfortunately it does not work !!!
language recompilation also does not work !!!
When I go to the forum/blog/article and click the edit/insert image ...still get the old page without browse button for the image.
The first thing I'd do is manually clear your cache directories via FTP. Also, if you have a custom template, you will have to change the occurrences of phpimage and advimage in
templates/tmp_xxxxx/scripts/BxTemplConfig.php file. Other than that, if you have any questions, you can always contact me and I'll try to help. I'll try my best to explain via email. If you need it installed and configured for you, I can do it for $10.
As per instruction done all the steps.

But it is not working in Forum Module.

I have dolphin 7.0.5 in my website.

Please help me and reply at the earliest.

This module is very grate module.

Did you talk to Chapman 27 days ago?
Thank you UCC
Done great fixing my site, will always be my first port of call for help and custom mods
Great addon! Works fabulous and this person gives great support if you messup as we know we all can do.
As good as this is he should charge for this.
This person is great, fast service, and great addons.
Damn....this should have already been included with Dolphin! Thanks for sharing :-)
Is the Music Player Mod still Active and supported? It's had 2 reviews since Feb and 1 of those was a poor rating.

The App looks amazing and would be prefect for my site. I would like to know what I'm getting before spending money.

this is really helpful, thanks, works like a charm
This person is very friendly and courteous, very professional! The product is perfettop D7 music player for our needs, therefore we highly recommend this user and all their products! MyMusicSpace Site Team
been trying to contact this person for how many weeks now coz the mod is not working and there's no sound. despite of all my messages that i sent him still there's no reply. i just ended up removing the mod and move it back to its default settings. the package has been delivered late and have to file a dispute to paypal.

in my own domain link, instead of pointing it to my own domain it is being pointed to demo mode of dolphin with his mod. what is that an advertisement?

next time, don't sell see more out stuff if you cannot take responsibilities for the support and looking after it.
would not recommend to anyone...has no concept of time and no professionalism with responses...the worst communicator I've ever dealt with...had to ultimately ask for a refund because work that needed to be done was never completed...
I installed the mod and it had a couple of shortcomings. I talked to the developer about them and he readily stepped up to the plate and made a few changes for me. This is a nice little news mod and works well for what it's designed to do. The added upload functionality it brings to your site is the big plus here. The phpimage addon for the tiny_mce makes it possible for your members to upload images directly to the forums, groups and anywhere else you have the editor installed. The uploaded images see more are placed into folders that are outside of the photo gallery of the site and not tied to a specific member. It also limits the width of the uploaded images to 400px (and I'm sure this is adjustable) keeping image sizes in check from members who like to push the constraints of the page all out of whack with photos that are too big.

For $15, I give this one 5 stars...
Great developer. Im always impressed with his work when he's done. I will recommend UCC to anyone, just keep in mind that the communication and availability is not always the best. But he always delivers what you asked for :)

Thank you UCC for a great video and musicplayer. Hope we can work together again in the future.

Best regards
awesome developer who is ambitous as much as you are to create your site and will offer superb services even for minor things. I recommend him to anyone
GREAT Developer!!! Great Communication!!

He developed a musicplayer of my choice from a picture that i gave him. And it works perfectly!

Will recommend this guy to everyone!

UCC -youre the MAN!

No, youre better than that, -your superfantasticolious :)

Thanks for everything!
Cool stuff. keep up the good Work. the WALL and Post on Front Page D7 has taken my site to a much Higher Level. Thank you KMD.
Cool stuff. keep up the good Work. the WALL and Post on Front Page D7 has taken my site to a much Higher Level. Thank you KMD.
D7 needs profile music player, but this one is too complicated. My members will not be able to figure this out. Everyone wants music to pay automatically, and its hard to figure this out. D6 music player was easier..
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