BigRoxdolphin 7 modifications and database imports, modification, installations, upgradesOpen budget3 bids$130 average bid22nd of August 2010

Dolphin 7 modifications

I am looking for an advanced Dolphin programmer.  The task will involve the following:

- Importing 2 SQL databases; one large and one small
- A few minor changes in Dolphin 

- understand English fluently
- Skype and/or Instant messenger client
- the ability to pay attention to detail

dolphin_jay23rd of August 2010bid: $55  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
$55 per hour depending on the small dolphin corrections needed or we can work out a flat rate if many tasks need to be completed.
micliz23rd of August 2010bid: $35  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
$35/Hour or Flat rate can be arranged on individual jobs if desired. Dolphin is my middle name :)
mrpowless24th of August 2010bid: $300  timeframe: 3 daysPermalink
300 bones and I am all yours for 3 days. should only take a few hours to move things. to learn some more stuff and also may save you a few deniro. a few hundred-references.
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coders and developers watch out for this member my friend scriptologist was not happy with his comment
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