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Error Message After Users Try Login

Hi There,


I have a small problem that keeps popping up when users try and log in to my site.


After login the page does not go to the account page, instead it displays this message


Table 'asiaexpa_dol7.bx_ads_main' doesn't exist


If you hit back on the browser you actually are logged in and the user can navigate the site.


Help appreciated :-)

dragon_x3013th of January 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 3 daysPermalink
hello sir, i can fix this bug check pm
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Kindly provide the site details, i will check the issue and report you shortly. Thank you
Funny job request, here are free fix to you - reinstall 'Ads' module, thats all, table 'bx_ads_main' is main table for Ads module
I had the same problem, I uninstalled ads and now anywhere the wall exists (I have the IDBW wall, if that makes a difference, although ads are set to "off" in the wall config), I get a non-formatted page w/ the error msg "Table 'database.bx_ads_main' doesn't exist" on it.

The reinstall-ads fix works... but I want Ads uninstalled! Is that possible or is the ads module a required element? If I can't uninstall it, then is there a way to remove it from everywhere? I can get it see more off of the main nav menu, but it remains in the member menu profile links and on the site stats, so I can't seem to disable it from the admin menu.
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