mundyFixingupgrades, custom, installationsOpen budget2 bids$35 average bid17th of December 2010

Errors on my site. Need help

Need help with the following errors that are happening on my site


1.) Transfer my old dolphin website to the right directory. I installed dolphin 7.0 on and I need that info and mods transfer to

2.) Fix errors of my boonex Video uploader. It doesnt work when members upload video from there desktop and the Flash uploader and regular both do nothing. Also maybe install a counter down of percentage of how much time is left.


3.) Send a notification that members have signed up to my site. email confirmation system

smile4sammy18th of December 2010bid: $50  timeframe: 0 daysPermalink
If you want it done quickly, you can contact me and I'll fix it
shdkpr200819th of December 2010bid: $20  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
Ready To start work, You should have installed all requirnments of dolphin
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wont your hosting provider help you
I didnt understand what they wanted me to do. They sent you some info on how to do this but I didnt understand.
Nathan Paton
Your first problem can easily be resolved by moving your files and directories to the new directory and changing the path and address information in your /inc/ file. Your second problem is related to some issue with your setup, which could be permissions or otherwise. Your third problem is a feature which is actually a built-in feature, so there's no need to request a new module.

I recommend you ask these questions in the forums before potentially (which is what you've done if you see more took anyone's offers) wasting your money on things easily resolvable. I'd even been willing to move your site for free, since it's rather trivial.
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