Playgplmodifications, customize, develope$2000-30001 bids$2000 average bid23rd of July 2010

Experienced Dolphin Developer needed

We are looking for an experienced Dolphin Developer with knowlegde of XML too.

We are Launching an automated League System for our Members.

The Players use different other plattforms to play their games.

The Partner Plattforms providing us with all results of our players per xml

Project Info:

Modify Standard Group Modul

Create and integrate a Ranking/stats for Teams and Players

Customize Standart Functions for the League System

Pls sent me PN with your contact Details and References .

Kind Regards

stafa123rd of July 2010bid: $2000  timeframe: 30 daysAssignedPermalink
Hello I am Interested if the offer is still open I am a programmer and ingenner with 3 years of experience. Please contact me :
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Sorry , the bid is not assigned currently ... just made the wrong click
Not sure how to bid but we are certainly interested, let us know .. $1500
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: Contact email: Regards
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