bresolutDesignmodification, template, design, custom, payment$100-3001 bids$600 average bid5th of November 2010

Home Page Design and Membership Feature Config

This project is about designing a Home Page Template and configuring membership.


Language: Spanish


Market: to begin with the caribbean island of Puerto Rico


Domain name: which means, in english, something like… FOOL HIM/HER !!!


Task No. 1: I want to give access to the site only to paid members, $0.99/mo, first month free trial, but they must indicate their PayPal information from the beginning, so if they do not cancel during their first month, they will be automatically billed from the second month on.


Task No.2: I want to design a Home Page or redesign the actual default home page. It should contain:

- Site title, header

- Flash movie that has right now, improved and/or added images if you can

- Join/login button

- This is the important part, I want to explain what the site is about, since it is new, nobodoy knows about it, and they will have to register and give their Paypal information to be able to get in and use the site free of charge for the first month. So the explanation has to be very inviting, convincing.


Task No. 3:  Do whatever changes need to be done, if any,  in the design of the site to accomplish the site's concept.


Task No. 4: Somehow indicate that the site is in spanish and english, but you have to select the language, and indicate where you do that. For me, the little World Icon in Dolphin, does not indicate too clearly for what it is about. I myself had to ask where was it that I was able to select the language.


Site Concept:

Have you ever being fooled? By a friend, by a company, have bought a product and it was a complete disaster based on what it was supposed to do, where promised something by a politician and were completely fooled. So report it, him or her, so nobody gets fooled like you again. Do not get scammed or let other fell for it the way you did. Also report scandals you know about any politician or known public figure.


Also, this is a place to report jokes made on you by someone, so you can tell the world how you were fooled by a friend, family, girlfriend or boyfriend. This site will sell pranks of all types.


This site will have the following modules that I bought from Unity market place or downloaded them if free:

- Jokes

- Confessions

- Rumors

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Game Zone with over 4000 games

- You Tube Video Zone

- Ebay Auction

- Members Only

- Shout Box

- Favicon


A spanish pack was bought and installed for this site. I am hiring the developer of this spanish pack to help me install, and translate to spanish, all modules mentioned above, except the game module which will be installed by its developer.


So this project is bout Tasks No.1, 2, 3 and 4 explained above, and some extra information was given so you can understand the concept of the site. I will excpect for the person hired to also make suggestions based on the concept of the site, on how to make it more unique and appealing to adults, 18 years old and up, so they are willing to pay the $0.00/mo membership fee.

Remember, it has to be in spanish and english, so the home page language can be selected as it can in Boonex Dolphin script.

JOOsocial5th of November 2010bid: $600  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
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