Hello. We are one of the 15° Boonex top Traders.
We have a web-agency in Italy and we also provide web hosting and domain names.
We offer a very big range of services, such as:
-Layout Creation
-Dolphin Template Creation
-3D graphics
-3D animated videos
-3D interior and rendering
-Programming(every kind)
-SEO, SEM and SEB( Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing and Search Engine Submission).
-Photo creation and editing
-Video Creation and editing
-Audio creation and editing
-Finally see more web hosting and domain names.

We can take care of a big project from the A to Z!
About the bid:
$600 is for the creation of the layout of the site, for the creation of the template and for the installation. We can do everything in about 10-5 days.

$350 for every programming changes you have required. We can complete the programming part after the template part in about 10-2 days.

We are also PayPal verified members and we always provide regular and legal bills.

Our site is under restyling but we can provide a portfolio by mail, no problems. Please contact us at boonex@megadesign.it as soon as possible, and indicate this reference number Rif.0-02, this is useful for us to understand which project you are talking about. Thank you
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