bstudsInstallationinstallations$20-501 bids$30 average bid26th of December 2010


Looking for someone to install dolphin on our server at



dolphin_jay26th of December 2010bid: $30  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
I can do the install for you today. Should take about an hour to complete. Getting 16 in. of snow today so i'll be here for a while!
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hit me a message for only $40 with free mod friends block and invite mod also free install of 2 mods you purchase from other developer..Kris
First of all... it is a Cloud Server?.. Root Linux? or Windows based?, are you using Centos with Plesk?... Plesk 9 or 10?.
Have you FFMPEG installed?
If you are using Centos on your server I can Help you, I can perform the installation for only $50.00, but if you don't have FFMPEG installed then I have to charge $90.00 more for the installation (whit all the codecs you need for your website).
Do you have protection your server against brute force attacks?, well I can do that for you too if you see more don have it for $50.00 bucks more.
All done same day!
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