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I wanna take down facebook, so tell me what you can do to help me with this and how much it will cost.

JOOsocial16th of November 2010bid: $3500  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
We can do everything to help you doing this. From the hosting to the marketing. If you want a portfolio of our web-agency please email us at
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Please email for cost effective rate.
Facebook is a very great site today, that has overtaken myspace because of the concept / style behind its development. To beat facebook hands down you will need to go beyond the ordinary to get something more than facebook that users will willingly dive into and dump facebook.

I will be happy to write an intense, analytical feasibility study on the facebook platform for a minimal cost so that you can see what you will need to get to compete favourable with the present market leader facebook. see more There after, you can hire developers to execute your preferred action plan.

i would advice you do not start the project at all until you get a very detailed working plan of what you will need to pull facebook down else you will only get disappointed along the way to discover that you have a very beautiful designed site yet you cannot smell the back of facebook.
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