ChrisHooleModificationmodification, upgrades, installations, template, module, payment$5000-100000 bids$0 average bid17th of March 2011

Long Term Dolphin Developer



Thanks for taking the time to read my job offer.

I am looking for a full-time dolphin developer to work on my new site and then when the site is live to become the webmaster for the site.

The site is a new niche dating site and currently has some custom mods that i have had developed. The problem i have is that my old developer was offered a full-time in-house position he could not refuse. So this now puts me in a position of looking for someone to fill his shoes.

I have a live site and a beta site for development and testing, but when we just upgraded from 7.0.3 to 7.0.5 all my custom mods did not copy over. So the first task would be to make these custom mods work again. Next job would be to upgrade all the Unity mods i have installed and then install the remaining mods i have purchased already. Then after a full beta test you would need to implement the PSD designs i have into the fully tested site.


This is not some small dolphin site that is being built, it is a really nice project that will keep any dolphin enthusiast very occupied and happy.


The job would be on an hourly rate with a fixed 40 hours per week available.


I am a really good guy to work with and am very keen to get this project finished and launched within the next 3 months. So if you have good dolphin experience with a decent portfolio, please bid your hourly rate for my project.


Look forward to your bids and thank you for your time

Chris Hoole



No bids so far.
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I am experienced with dolphin... But not having any portfolio on this. Let me know if you are interested....
Hi Chris,
I'm available to do work per project, not hourly though. Feel free to email me your tasks and I'll quote you if you're interested
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