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Looking for a site builder

I am looking for a website similar to I can buy many templates out there but I need a backend. I'll summarize the process in general terms for now, after awarding the project, and an NCND, I'll give complete details.
1. The website is to be a dating site.
2. I am looking for user to be able create a profile that will have basic information and photos.
3. website needs search ability, matchmaking ability.
4. Users can show interest, invite and/ or flirt with other profiles. User can not chat with or email other user unless privilege is granted by admin.
5. Admin controls who can talk to who.
6. Website will have social events that users can attend, if users sign up to attend an event the event will post on there profile. so other users can see where they can meet up with people they are interested in.

7. Site will be free but require registration. Events will have a fee charged in advance thru the site

I can build all the front end, pages, script, and logos. I am looking for a company and/or individual who can build the back end now, update and upgrade options as the company grows, and handle SEO.
With the above information and details please provide me a bid, portfolio, references, and a time frame.
I am looking for quick turn around 7-10 days is optimal.


I listed this as $300-500 depending on level of integration a development pay could be higher. This is a 4 stage launch, once the initial site is developed and operating as the site grows and revenue is generated we will be adding more.
Thank you,

No bids so far.
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Sent you a message...check mail
hello sir, i am ready to do this project..must check PM for see reviews then you get idea of my works and services..thanks.
Just sent a PM.
dragon_x30 PLEASE do not add points to yourself, or I will report it to Boonex if I see it happens again!
dragon_x30 PLEASE do not add points to yourself, or I will report it to Boonex if I see it happens again!
why u angry i give u point for free lol
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