offkeyDesigninstallations, template, design, custom$500-10001 bids$600 average bid22nd of March 2011

Membership Project

I want to make a membership site for nightclubs. Here is what I want, I want the front of the website to look kind of like this:

But I want the profiles and the inside functionality to be the same as Facebook (but in black), I would need for something that are posted in by members to still show up for non-members on the outside pages. I need for someone to put this all together.

Front and Outside:


Please let me know, if you would be willing to do the project.

smile4sammy22nd of March 2011bid: $600  timeframe: 14 daysPermalink
We are experts in integration, we can fully combine dolphin and joomla to create your unique membership site. Feel free to contact us after you have purchased the two templates.--- Regards,--- Global Solutions ---
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