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Mod Installation and Site Modification

Hi, I’m in a need for a competent programmer to perform the following tasks:

NOTE: The Dolphin site is running the Dolphin Bucket of Cogzidel:

1. Installation of 4 mods:


2. The following MOD to the site is needed:

a. At Home page there are 6 images (or as many Photo Categories as Admin set it to be) showing. Currently the site is set to have only 6 Main Photo Categories (although members can still Add categories when uploading new images). The need is to restrict the DB so any image uploaded by members must have at least 1 of the master Categories (as created by Admin). Secondly, currently the theme will not display the image at the Home page if more than 1 Category was allocated to a photo - this needs to be changed.

b. Admin needs to have the ability to "Tick" an image of any user, this image then will be showing on the Home page. (currently the latest image uploaded by user will be showing on the home page.)

c. Permalinks of submenus (when members are viewing their Profiles / Account) should be adjusted

If you feel you have the knowledge to handle those nods. please get in touch.



No bids so far.
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I can help with Step-1 from your post i.e. installation of the mods, send me a pm if you are interested...
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