elevateInstallationmodification, upgrades, installations, customOpen budget4 bids$862.5 average bid25th of April 2011

Need Dolphin Installation and Customization


I need to install dolphin and get the basic profile entry fields customized.  I need to make the user profile set up customized with my own fields - such as:


Contact Info First Name

Last Name

Alias / Nickname check box to show alias instead of real name


Other Contact No

Video (for youtube code)






Age Range 18 - 20 21 - 24

Skills & Experience Experience 0-2 2 to 5

Distance Willing to Travel same

Profile Title

elevate URL

Profile Description

Search Keywords

Attachments pics pdf

Talent Alerts Check Boxes

Alert Me when an employer needs my services

Alert Me when there is a new event bulletin

Alert me for the latest Talent and Services News

Alert when someone comments on my profile or pics

Over 18?

Terms and conditions

Managers Name optional

Managers Email optional


Date of Birth Check Box to Show Age

Age DD

Gender DD

Eye Color

Skin Color

Hair Color

Hair Style

Shoe Size

Dress Size






Shirt Size

Pants Size



Work Experience


Professional Status

Work Type Preference

Work Status

check boxes work skills Print / Editorial Runway

check boxes age disclaimer: Fine Art Artists

check boxes other skills Actor or Actress Film Acting

check boxes Fields of Internet Web/Internet Advertising

check boxes Professional Affiliations AFTRA SAG

Additional Info

dd Category Best Describes You Regular Kids

dd + _____ Languages

check boxes tattoos piercings braces

___________ Other Info

___________ Interests & Background

Credits, awards, certificates

Work History


Personal Home Page

Title for HomePage

cb Availability Mon Tue

___________ Languages spoken

cb Previous Promotional Management: CDL Local Market Manager

Previous Promo Work Acting Alcohol Promotions

Previous Hospitality Work Bartending Food Handler

Misc Work Experience Comedy Computer Tech

communication do you own a digital camera yes / no

do you own a scanner yes / no

do you own a laptop with wireless capabilities yes / no

do you own a wireless card yes / no

can you send  / receive text messages yes / no

do you have a cell phone with internet yes / no

travel are you available for long term assignments over 3 weeks?

do you have your own car?

how far are you willing to travel?

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