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Need URGENT help - please help

I paid for all these to be done on my site, but the guy just did not deliver, and now I'm at a loss....I need the following


My story module to be fixed - the usercan add a story and it should save as their story and they can decide who can view it, friends or just them, this has been half built, but the permissions are wrong


I need a family tree module to be built


I need my home page to be fixed, this has 4 blocks -

1st block is a single update that can update facebook, twitter and the site - i need the media uploads to be added to the input section, upload picture, video, website and record video statuse

2nd block - facebook updates, i need the comment function to be added, and at the bottom of the max display feeds, the function to display older feeds etc...this is also the same for my 3rd block twitter updates


profile page - i need a sub member menu to be added

i need the layout to be changed, with the member to choose from 8 standard text boexes to add to their profile to edit


chat - i need my old chat script from old site to function on this dolphin site


my friends page  - i need to add friend link to be a button that changes colour based on the users choice of templates


i have an apps pages that was poorly built, this needs to be redone, with special care paid to the store fucntion, if a member chooses a store app, then on their profile a tab should display their store, but when the member is on their own page and the click store, they should be able to upload logo, products, categories and edit payment settings


I've paid out so much, and harldy anything to see for it, so please someone who isn't sarcastic and can deliver when they say they will deliver as the last guy gave me 2 weeks and everything will be complete, this didn't happen!


No bids so far.
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sad situation. there is a location on the forum to raise a dispute. i think you are not doing the community any justice by leaving this person anonymous?

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