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Premium Job Offer-Only for D7-Experts

Im looking for good quality mods.
can you quote?

1.Mobilephone mod [to run a mobile spec page with discussion]
2.Autos Mod[to run a auto[bike/car] inventory with detailed specs and discussion]
3.Replacing/upgrading Boonex Comments with or products

4.integrating or hellotxt into D7 wall[ when user submits something in their wall, it should be posted across all other networks too.]

please give me overall budget.
I need all these in installable modules with D7 code conventions met.


No bids so far.
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Possible I have second request as module
@AndrewP: Can i hire you for this project?
I thought about your mod Andrew when I saw number 2.
Hi i need a template module for my site, i got this boonex community not long ago.

Im now on the next step, and want a webdesigner to creat my template - module after my specific,

Is there anyone good webdesigner out there ?

¨¨reffer¨¨ to webdesigners that are good please,

have a great day all and happy new year...
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